Qualified Kukkiwon Dan Examiner
Qualified Chung Do Kwan Dan Examiner
Qualified Kyorugi Referee
Qualified Poomsae Referee
Qualified International Instructor
Previous Iran Kyorugi Champion
Previous Iranian National Sparring Team

Master Alipour started Taekwondo in his home town of Ahvaz, Iran with Grandmaster Sadegh Abadi and is still proud to be his student. He also studied with the famed Grandmaster Kang Shin Chul at the Iranian national team and instructor course.

Master Alipour was at an instructor course with Grandmaster Kang in Iran in 1990 and has continued to go to courses and practise sessions with him occasionally.

Master Alipour has taught in different countries, beginning with his own club in Iran, and then in Belgium and England, he continues to pass on his vast knowledge to his students and leaves a champion team wherever he goes.

Taekwondo Instructor