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Dear Master Ali,

Having returned to our home country (Indonesia) after spending 3 weeks in London, during which our family had 6 two-hourly private taekwondo (poomsae) sessions with you, we would like to convey our gratitude for the extremely satisfactory and valuable training.

“His knowledge and attention towards the technical details of each poomsae movement amazes me. It is not something that all Masters possess. I am proud to have ever been his student.” (Indra Aman, 49 years, Black belt 1st DAN).

“The training sessions with Master Ali were an eye opener that poomsae is not just a part of sports, but also an art.” (Aisha Syahindra, 19 years, Black belt 2nd DAN).

“Master Ali does not only teach taekwondo, but also instils life values and virtues of courage, confidence and perseverence. He is not just an instructor; he is also a life mentor.” (Kianda Syahindra, 16 years, Black belt 2nd DAN)

“Master Ali expects seriousness and discipline when we practice. At the same time, he is very friendly and can sometimes be playful. I enjoyed the training sessions very much. I would like to take him home to teach in Jakarta.” (Athyana Syahindra, 11 years, 1st GEUP)

Ali’s Dojang is a great place to learn taekwondo and get fit. The teacher challenges the students to be able to achieve the best.

Ali’s Dojang is an amazing place where we work on our weaknesses and perfect everything else. I have enjoyed all my lessons and hope to continue learning not only taekwondo but great life skills.

I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to practice a few weeks with Grand Master Alipour at Ali’s Dojang. I just obtained my black belt and find that the techniques and spirit taught to me by Grand Master contributed in the achievement. Thank you, Grand Master. (From Athya Syahindra, Grand Master Alipour’s student during summer 2016 from Indonesia)

Great Club, friendly environment, Experience Coach. My son progressd a lot, his very happy to participate in Alis Dojangs sessions. I recommend Alis Dojang Club.

If I lived in London I would definately take up learning Taekwondo With the Grand Master Ali Alipour. What a lovely person he is and what I have seen a fantastic Coach too.
Grand Master Ali Alipour it was brilliant to meet you at the Grand prix in Great Britain in Manchester several years ago. Went to support the Iranian Team and Great Britain fell in Love with the sport.
Taekwondo is the Way of Life. Maximum Respect.



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