Fundraising For Alis Dojang

Ali’s Dojang Taekwondo club is based in London and is non-profit.

We have classes all across London, and we focus more than others on opening gyms in areas that are less economically developed,so that the kids (and adults) living there can have access to high quality Taekwondo!

Our students attend national and international competitions, and a few are even looking at trying for Team GB in the coming year.  Our instructors have trained all across the world, from Iran, to Korea.

We maintain that money should not be an indication of potential. We try to keep our price plans as low and flexible as we can, so that those who really can’t afford it, don’t have to stop training. We understand.

What we are asking, of those of you who can help, is a small donation to ensure that Ali’s Dojang can continue to teach the finest Taekwondo classes, and provide the kids with extra classes, some fresh equipment and, if we can, a minibus to help transport everyone who would otherwise be unable to join the team for competitions!

Thank you all for helping out, and allowing more young, less financially advantaged people, to pursue their passion and potential.

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